Australia Post and Telstra sign strategic partnership on Digital MailBox and IT network

Media Release, 01 June 2013

Australia Post and Telstra today announced a new strategic partnership by signing a memorandum of understanding which will see the country’s largest telecommunications provider become a participant in the Australia Post Digital MailBox and Australia Post using Telstra’s Australian based hosting and network services.

This memorandum means Telstra will enable Australia Post to offer its Telstra customers access to their Telstra communication documents like account statements and bills via the new Australia Post Digital MailBox.

The agreement will also see Telstra provide the capability to deliver more products and services through the Australia Post IT network, which will assist in the roll out of Australia Post’s retail superstores across the country. 

Launching later this year, the Australia Post Digital MailBox will enable consumers to connect to their secure, individual MailBox anywhere, anytime to receive statements and bills, set reminders and make payments using any internet enabled device.

As part of this memorandum, Telstra will also work with Australia Post towards an agreement for the Digital MailBox service to be hosted on Telstra’s Australian based secure cloud computing platform.

Australia Post CEO and Managing Director Ahmed Fahour said:

“Australia Post and Telstra are both iconic Australian companies and Telstra’s commitment to the Australia Post Digital MailBox is recognition it will become the community’s preferred platform for engaging with their service providers.

“Through the MailBox, Telstra will be able to provide its customers with another convenient way to receive their statements and bills on a low-cost and secure platform. I am also extremely pleased that Australia Post can leverage Telstra’s trusted brand to deliver bank grade security for the information stored on the MailBox through its Australian based cloud solution.

“All customer information will be stored in Australia and its security backed by two of Australia’s longest running and most trusted companies.”

Telstra CEO David Thodey said:  “Part of our digital customer strategy is to provide our customers with access to information through a variety of channels of their choice. The Australia Post Digital MailBox will extend this choice to complement our existing digital options such as our website, and mobile applications.

“Telstra is investing more than $800 million across the next five years to further grow our cloud computing services. We are very pleased Australia Post has chosen to work with us on finalising an agreement that will see the new Digital MailBox Service hosted on the secure Telstra cloud computing platform.”

The Australia Post Digital MailBox will allow Australians to:

  • Connect with service providers they have a relationship with – such as banks, utilities and government entities.
  • Receive statements and bills, set reminders and make payments online, using any PC or mobile device, anywhere, anytime.
  • Use the Australia Post Digital MailBox as a personal digital vault to upload and easily find important documents.

For businesses, which already use and trust Australia Post, the system offers:

  • A flexible range of integration options to allow businesses to connect securely to their customers through the Australia Post Digital MailBox.
  • A secure digital delivery service to consumers as part of an integrated physical and digital marketing and communication platform.
  • The integrated hybrid product will offer better value for money than any other singular service.

Australians can register for an Australia Post Digital MailBox at