Telstra Ventures invests in mobile application testing company Headspin1

Media Release, 29 November 2017

29 November 2017 – Telstra Ventures today announced it had made a strategic investment in Headspin, a leading mobile application testing company based in Silicon Valley.

Mark Sherman, Managing Director of Telstra Ventures, said the investment was driven by the strong growth in app downloads and usage. In 2016, the number of mobile apps downloaded worldwide was 149.3 billion with this forecasted to rise to 352.9 billion in 2021

“From this growing trend, we see the need for organisations to test and monitor the user experience and performance of their applications on any global mobile network,” said Mr Sherman.

“The Headspin platform not only allows organisations to test their apps before launch, but it also provides the necessary data to help them enhance the customer experience and benchmark against competitors after launch.”

“As a company that provides connectivity to customers, we are excited to leverage Headspin’s capability in simulating and measuring how customers experience our network,” added Mr Sherman.                                       

Manish Lachwani, CEO and Co-founder of Headspin, welcomed the investment from Telstra as the company is expanding globally and into different industry sectors.

“While we have been powering app developers that serve more than a billion monthly active users globally, we look forward to working closely with Telstra to strengthen our reach in Asia-Pacific given the strength of their network, customer relationships and market knowledge,” said Mr Lachwani.

“Our easy-to-use performance management, monitoring and testing platform has already covered over 22,000 devices in 140 locations. With this coverage we collect a wealth of data about the network performance, application performance and user experience. This allows us to carry out analysis realtime and feed back to the developer application activity, issues identified and suggested solutions, and a video playback of the customer experience.”


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