Introducing our 2020 nominees

The Telstra Ballet Dancer Awards was created in 2003 to support the rising stars of The Australian Ballet.

Telstra is proud to announce our six nominees from 2020, and to celebrate 37 years of partnership with The Australian Ballet.

For 6 extraordinary talents, what moves them, brings them joy. Discover their unique inspirations and vote for your favourite to win People’s Choice Award.

Nathan Brook

Meet Nathan – who is moved by soul and the smooth soul icons of the 60s. Ballet is a way for him to break free of stereotypes.

Imogen Chapman

Meet Imogen – who is moved by the wild beauty of where she grew up in WA. She loves the contrast of this with the refined beauty of ballet.

Jasmin Durham

Meet Jasmin – who is moved by her inner strength. She’s inspired by strong women who are not afraid to show their vulnerabilities.

Serena Graham

Meet Serena – who is moved by timeless style. She’s inspired by the European style of her childhood in Switzerland and classic 60’s fashion.

Corey Herbert

Meet Corey – who’s moved by good vibes. She finds inspiration in an artist’s courage to express their true colours and is energised by laughter and fun.

Cameron Holmes

Meet Cameron – who’s moved by showmanship. He performed as a child stage actor, once leading Elton John on-stage. He still loves Elton, who has had a profound impact on his life.