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Designing your website has never been easier

Welcome to Design Your Site, the fast and simple way to get a great looking website that's easy to build and maintain without technical expertise. Even beginners can create a sophisticated website in just a few steps.

First, choose from industry-specific design templates, sample text and images. Then decide what features to include by dragging and dropping to add or remove design elements, widgets, contact forms, maps and more.

Design it yourself with our Premium Website plan helps you to...

  • Quickly create a great looking website complete with features to help you promote your product or service, engage customers and keep them coming back.

  • Easily keep your website content up-to-date and fresh with our fast, in-line editing tool. You can make changes in real time from any computer.

  • Grow your profile and your credibility by incorporating Facebook® and Twitter, maps and directions.

  • Help customers find your website by getting your new or updated website indexed by search engines quickly with Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) Basic tool. Enter your site information once, and it’s submitted to more than 100 search engines automatically, saving you valuable time.

Premium Website plan

Premium Website Plan

Premium Website Only
(I already have a domain name)
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Premium Website and register a domain name
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Note: Additional domain name registration charges apply – $40 per year for an Australian domain and $80 for two-year subscription for a Generic Top Level Domain
  • Domain Name Requirements
  • Features
  • Help and support

Domain Name Requirements


You will need a domain name with DNS management for your Premium Website plan. If you don't have a domain name, Register a Domain Name when you purchase your plan.

If you have a Domain name, check it includes a DNS Manager or DNS Service which lets you update A and CNAME records. If you can't see these options in your Domain manager you may be able to purchase a DNS Manager or DNS Service separately from your existing provider; alternatively you can easily transfer your Domain Name to Telstra so you can manage your domains and website services from one centralised place.

Upgrade Premium Website to Website Assistance

Tried the Premium Website service and couldn't find time to set up your site? Contact our team on 1800 TSUITE (1800 878 483) to upgrade to Website Assistance to set up and launch your website.



Design Your Site Application

Design Your Site is an evolution in web design for small to medium businesses. With its WYSIWYG (What You See Is What You Get) interface, even non-technical users can create a state-of-the-art site.

Industry-specific templates, image and widget placement, predefined colour and font sets make it easy to create a great design. And the drag and drop function enables you to set up a site in no time.

For more demanding users, there is 'expert mode' which includes options to customise every aspect of the site – colours, fonts and more.

Edits happen with a click of the Publish button, and can be made from any computer with internet access and current browser. Even beginners can have a great looking website with bells and whistles to encourage sales and keep customers coming back.

Feature list

  • Quick two-step setup wizard with a selection step that allows you to add in industry-specific layouts, images and sample text to get you started
  • Professional-looking design templates that you can then modify with your content and embed images, videos, and widgets at any time
  • Easy-to-use interface and file manager to keep content organised
  • Drag and drop to add website features or integrate with Facebook® and Twitter
  • Choice of widgets to add functionality such as podcasts, video, photo galleries and more
  • Fully customisable giving you the option to customise every part of your website.
  • Clipboard to easily move content to another page or to be finished later
  • Easy to swap out images – choose from the integrated Media Archive or upload your own


Widgets are website functions and design elements that can be dragged and dropped into your website. Widgets have different feature points depending on their function.

Check out the available widgets (click to expand)

  Widgets Short Feature Description
Business Counter Available in different styles, widget counts the hits on a website whether it is visible or invisible.
Ticker Displays a moving ticker text that can also link to a page or URL.
Office hours Displays opening hours/offices hours in a predefined way depending on positioning in website.
Shopping Cart A shopping cart that lists a number of products which can be viewed in detail and put into the basket.
External Content & Applications Podcast Displays the latest entries of a given podcast stream.
RSS Feed Displays the latest entries of a given RSS feed.
Reservation Form that allows visitors to ask for a reservation at a given time and date.
Embed Displays external content within an iFrame in the website content area.
Forms Call-back form Form that allows visitors to ask for a call-back at a given time and date.
Contact form Form that allows visitors to ask to be contacted about a general enquiry.
Meeting Request Form that allows visitors to ask for a meeting at a given time and date.
Proposal Request Form that allows visitors to request a proposal.
Interactive Guestbook Allows visitors to insert guestbook entries and read existing entries. The widget includes an email notification service and management of guest entries.
Location Map Displays a map of business address using Microsoft® Bing Maps for enterprises.
Map and Driving Directions Displays a map and pin marking business address with Microsoft Bing Maps, displays additional information about the address on mouseover.
Marketing News Displays an overview of news, sorted by date. When an entry is clicked, a details page is shown.
Event Calendar Event selection with preconfigured pages displaying a number of events to choose from (eg. weddings, vacations, parties, and family events).
Multi-media External Video Displays a video from an external source such as
Animated Photos Flash photo show that uses the Ken Burns effect to display one image after another.
Photo Gallery HTML based album where all images are displayed as thumbnails.
Photo Table Flash photo show that displays a number of images like 'lying on a table'. All images are displayed as thumbnails on mouseover on the bottom of the flash and can directly be selected.
Photobook Flash photo show that displays the photos like a book where a visitor can turn pages.
Slideshow Flash photo show that displays images in a classic slide show form.
Social Networking Facebook Displays either a 'like me' button or a Facebook fanbox of a given Facebook page.
Twitter Displays the content of Twitter widgets.

What are feature points?

A feature point is a measuring unit for the cost of each widget. The Premium Website plan comes with unlimited feature points to spend.

Supported browsers

For best performance we recommend the following browsers:

  • Internet Explorer 6 or higher
  • Mozilla Firefox 3 or higher
  • Chrome version 3 or higher
  • Apple Safari 3.2


Help and support


There are many ways to get some help and support, whether you’ve purchased a Website Service plan or are just trying to find out a bit more information. Choose from any of the options below.

Guides and brochures

Premium Website Quick Guide (PDF, 451kB)
Premium Website Getting Started Guide (PDF, 1.1MB)

Tutorial videos for Design Your Site application

Step-by-step video tutorial playlist so you can go at your own pace

T-Suite customer technical support is available 24x7

If you have purchased a Website Services plan, you can lodge technical support questions through the Helpdesk via the T-Suite Management Console

If you have an urgent problem, you can call T-Suite customer technical support on 1800 TSUITE (1800 878 483).

Frequently Asked Questions

  • How do I know which Website Services option is best for me?
    (a) If you have more time than budget, the Design it Yourself plan is a great option - The Design Your Site application comes with video tutorials to walk you through designing and publishing your site. So you have easy-to-use design tools with low cost hosting and the freedom to design your website the way you want it, with video tutorials and documentation to assist when you need it.
    (b) If you need help planning and designing your site, Design it For Me gives you packaged design plans where we consult with you and design your site for you, provide monthly maintenance, and give you access to make basic edits as needed. These plans include the monthly hosting fee and start at $99 a month and go up to just under $190 a month, depending on the level of service and number of pages selected. Your site is professionally designed and has 30 minutes monthly maintenance for a predictable and very reasonable monthly price – the cost of the design is spread out over a 12 month plan term instead of investing all up front.

  • Do I need experience with HTML to use Premium Website’s Design Your Site application?
    No, you do not need any previous knowledge or HTML or programming experience to use the Design Your Site website builder tool. All functions can be used via your browser. You can create and edit your website from any computer with an internet connection, and it is not necessary to install any software.

  • What is drag & drop?
    Design Your Site uses the principle of drag & drop wherever possible. This means that you can add widgets and other content to your page by just holding down the left mouse button while pulling an element from the menu at the top down onto your page. Moving elements around works in the same, intuitive way; grab an item, move it to its new position and let go of the left mouse button. Places that allow you to drop elements are marked with a coloured border and the sentence, "Just drop it!"

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