International Roaming

Never be out of reach

International Roaming helps you stay in touch when you're overseas and using your existing Telstra number. It gives you access to features like voice, SMS, MMS, internet browsing and video calling.

Making calls from overseas

Use our pricing and compatibility tool to check whether International Roaming is available in the countries you are visiting, and how much they will cost.

Using data overseas

Using data while travelling overseas will cost you $3 per MB (charged per Kb or part thereof).

Why not take advantage of our International Casual Traveller Data Packs & Frequent Traveller Data Plans? They provide an included allowance that you can use to help manage your International Roaming data costs.

Take the time to use our data usage calculator It will help you estimate how much data you are likely to use so you can choose a pack or plan which should suit your needs.

Don’t get caught out by bill shock

When you travel overseas, you want to make sure that your business expenses are kept to a minimum. Before you activate International Roaming, take the time to understand the call charges and data rates so you don’t ruin a good trip with bill shock when you get home.

To help, we automatically send you data usage alerts via SMS every time you roam overseas. This is to help keep you informed of how much data you are using whilst travelling. These will be sent each time you use 20MB of data overseas.

We rely on the overseas network carriers in the countries you are travelling in to forward to you the SMS data usage alerts. This may cause a delay in receiving the alerts. This means that you could receive alerts when you’ve already used more than the 20MB increment.

Find out more about our new International Roaming data usage alerts and other tips on how to manage your data costs.

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