Your Telstra Pre-Paid mobile comes with a whole range of features, especially designed to make your life easier.

Want even more? Whether you want to have fun, manage your calls or find a number, we have a great value service to suit your needs.

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Pre-Paid Thanks

When you're with Telstra Pre-Paid you'll enjoy bonus rewards like free talk time, text and credits. And even better, every now and then you'll also get great value discounts on our latest mobiles or the chance to win exclusive experiences you just can't get anywhere else.


Telstra Thanks

Love movies, music, sport and flybuys? We're saying thanks to our customers with special experiences you'll love to share.


International Roaming (automatically switched on)

If you're heading off to explore the world, take your mobile with you. International roaming is automatically available in many destinations on your Telstra Pre-Paid mobile so you don't have to worry about activating it. If you want to use the mobile internet while you're abroad, check the list of countries where you'll be able to use an International Roaming Browse Plus Pack to help you manage your data costs.


Messages Overseas

As a Telstra mobile customer, you can send texts, picture and video messages (MMS) to friends and family overseas on selected international phone companies' networks and also receive messages from them.


You don't have to do anything special to your phone or number. If you can send within Australia then you can send overseas. You can also send a picture or video message to any email address worldwide. Just make sure your friends and family have MMS working on their phone and that their carrier and country are participating.

International picture and video messages have a size limit of 300 kilobytes per message. If you try to send a message over this limit it may not be delivered. If the recipient isn't with a participating carrier, they may receive a text message directing them to a website to see your MMS.


The cost of a 160 character text message originating in Australia and sent to an international number is 50c (incl GST). All international picture and video messages (MMS) are charged at a flat rate of 75c (incl GST) per message, per recipient.

If you're travelling overseas and want to send and receive your pictures and videos, please see details on International Roaming. If you're set-up to make international calls while overseas, you can still send to friends and family in Australia and to overseas destinations if their carrier and country are participating.

Managing your data

If you're not sure how much data you might need use the Data Usage Calculator to help you estimate your needs.


Credit Me2U®

Transfer credit quickly and easily across your existing Telstra plans, or even share the wealth with your mates on Pre-Paid.


Plus Packs

We have a range of Plus Packs that can be purchased as extras to compliment your Pre-Paid offer, helping you get the best possible value. The larger the pack, the better the value. So just pick and choose the pack(s) that best suit your needs.


Network unlocking

Telstra Pre-Paid mobiles are network locked and programmed to operate only on the Telstra network. To unlock your mobile phone from the Telstra network, just call 125 88 80 from a phone other than your mobile. Alternatively, you can visit your nearest Telstra store. There is a fee for this service.

You'll need your debit or credit card, a pen and paper and your phone's 15 digit IMEI number. To get the IMEI number of the phone you wish to unlock dial *#06#

Barred outgoing calls

There is a list of outgoing calls that are barred from your Telstra Pre-Paid service.

Note: Diversion to international numbers from a Pre-Paid service is barred.



View barred outgoing calls list

Number Service Number Service
0071 ITERRA 102 Memo SMS
0145 Optus satellite mobile 109 Fax mailbox
0087 IMMARSAT 103 Call Connect
0108 Ships at sea 12456 Call Connect (Nat)
12458 Ships at sea (0108) 12450 Call Connect
0012 Previously IDD RBP 12550 Reverse charges calls
0015 IDD Data 185 Personal number service
005 Information service 1133 Telecard operators
190 Information services 1811 Commercial credit card
011 National trunk bookings 1812 Optus charge card
012 National trunk enquiries 1818 AUT call card service
0101 International bookings 1819 Pre-paid card
0102 International enquiries 18911 Commercial credit card
0173 Appointment & reminder 18918 AUT call card service
1222 Pricing information 18919 Pre-paid card
12454 Wake up & reminder 18933 Telstra PhoneAway
12451 Yellow Pages 18999 Optus charge card

Changing your offer

Always choose the best offer for you

Changing your offer is easy with Telstra Pre-Paid. You can change your Pre-Paid offer up to 10 times a year.


Calling Number Display

Calling Number Display shows the number of the caller to your mobile phone (unless their number is blocked). This feature is only available for calls made from Australia.

If you prefer, you can block your number from appearing on a one off or permanent basis. Your phone number can also be displayed or blocked when you call someone who is overseas.



Easycall offers a range of services to help you stay in touch so you don't have to worry about missing a critical call, meeting or discussion. It includes Call Waiting, Call Enquiry and Conference Call.


Call Waiting alerts you if someone else is trying to call you when you are on the phone. You can put your current caller on hold and take the incoming call. You can also switch between callers. If you don't want to take the call, ignore the Call Waiting tone and it will stop after 20 seconds. You could also use one of our messaging services to handle the unanswered call like MessageBank®, Memo, or Message2txt™.

Call Enquiry allows you to make an outgoing call on your compatible mobile phone while you're already on a call. Your original call is placed on hold while you call the other number. You can also switch between calls.

With Conference Call you can talk to up to five other parties simultaneously.


Normal call costs apply so Call Enquiry and Conference Calls are listed as call charges on your itemised bill. When you make Call Enquiry and Conference Calls, you may see two calls for the same time period. Calls are only charged if they are answered.

Facebook® and Twitter™ SMS

Stay social with mobile alerts and uploads – now you can receive FREE SMS alerts and send updates via text message, only on your Telstra mobile.


Anytime your friends comment, update their status, post to your wall or tweet, you can choose to hear about it via an SMS notification straight to your mobile, then instantly respond via SMS without having to login online. You can also update your status at anytime by sending an SMS direct to your Facebook or Twitter page.

Facebook SMS

  • Sign up to receive FREE SMS alerts when there's a new event associated with your profile (wall posts, comments, friend invites and messages).
  • Reply via text message to SMS alerts to comment, like or get more information.
  • Create new SMS updates (including status updates, friend requests and wall posts).

And don't forget to 'Like' Telstra's Facebook page and be the first to hear about our latest products, services and social networking news.

Twitter SMS

  • Turn on FREE SMS alerts to stay across the latest updates.
  • Tweet, reply to tweets, follow and unfollow users, get profile info and nudge – all via SMS.

Things you need to know

Service may be withdrawn at any time by us or by Facebook or Twitter. Our Fair Use Policy applies. Limit of 2,000 SMS alerts each month. Standard SMS charges apply for all SMS sent. We may suspend or cancel your service if you send inappropriate content or links, send spam or otherwise interfere with the service. See Part E – SMS Messages and Email of Our Customer Terms for full terms.

Facebook is a registered trade mark of Facebook, Inc.

Twitter is a trade mark of Twitter, Inc., and is used under license.


With Message2txt, callers who can't get through to you will have the option to leave a short 10 second message that is converted to text and sent to you as an SMS. It is enabled when you don't have a messaging service and your mobile phone is switched off, out of range, busy or unanswered.


Callers will hear this message: "The person you are calling is not available. Please leave a short 10 second message after the tone and we will send the message as a text."

If the caller leaves a message, you will receive a free SMS with the caller's message and mobile number (unless the caller's number is withheld). To return the call, simply press the call button. You can also reply to the caller's SMS.

You can turn off the service if you prefer – just contact us on 13 2200.


If the caller leaves a message, there is no charge to you to receive the SMS however the caller will be charged standard call rates as soon as the call is connected to the Message2txt service. If you reply to the SMS or call back, standard SMS or call rates will apply in these instances.

Things you need to know

The Message2txt service will do its best to convert the caller's message accurately into a text message, but the conversion may not be totally accurate in cases like if the caller's voice or words are unclear.

We may use a third party to assist in the translation of a voice message. You should receive the text message about 3.5 minutes after the caller leaves the voice message, but sometimes it may take up to 20 minutes.

The caller's voice message isn't stored, which means you won't be able to retrieve it.


MessageBank is an answering service for your mobile phone, so you can still receive calls when your phone is unattended, busy, out of range or has a flat battery. It's simple, just dial 101 and follow the voice prompts to set up and explore MessageBank's features.



Suitable for all mobile phone users and Telstra Pre-Paid customers. You'll receive MessageBank Standard when you activate your Telstra mobile service.

Pricing and storage

Message Storage 60 x 5 min messages
Saves unplayed messages 14 days
Saves played messages 7 days
Monthly access fee $0
Message retrieval rate1 30c per 30 secs (or part)
Call forwarding No charge

You can also use MessageBank while travelling, as you would in Australia. For detailed information download the Telstra International Roaming Pocket Guide (PDF, 357Kb). MessageBank roaming rates apply.

Using your MessageBank

Set up MessageBank on your mobile

Change ring time before calls divert to MessageBank

Cancel MessageBank

Things you need to know

  1. Standard carrier rates apply to retrieve messages from a phone other than the nominated service. The message retrieval rate for Telstra Pre-Paid services is 30 cents per 30 seconds (or part) + 35 cent connection fee.

Picture and Video Messaging

With Picture and Video Messaging (MMS) you can share your best moments with friends and family. Take a photo, shoot a short video or record some audio – then add some text and send.


You can send Picture and Video Messages to any MMS capable mobile phone in Australia, any email address worldwide and to selected international mobile destinations.

Want to store or print your pictures? A Picture Message is a great way to get photos from your mobile to your PC – just send an MMS to your email address or sign up to BigPond® Photos.


Message Type Cost
Picture Message (text, pictures and/or audio) per message per recipient (up to 500KB) to Australian mobile numbers or email addresses. 50c
Video Messages per message per recipient (up to 500KB dependent on handset capabilty) to Australian or international mobile numbers or email addresses. 75c
For each MMS Picture or Video message sent to international mobile destinations (up to 300KB). 75c

How do I get it?

Usually your mobile will be set up when you buy it, so you can start sending MMS straight away. To check it's working you can send an MMS (for free) to 176MMS (176667) and we'll send you a Picture Message back. If you can view the Picture Message on your mobile then you are set up and ready to go.

If not, here's how to get set up:


To set up your MMS capable Telstra mobile online, go to the Mobile Phone Set-Up and follow the instructions.

Premium SMS Services

If you receive Premium SMS it means you have agreed to use or receive specific entertainment services via your mobile.


These include:

  • ringtones
  • games
  • music video clips
  • casting a vote on TV shows
  • entering competitions.

All of them involve a charge, so it's important you understand what you're signing up for.

Premium SMS services are provided by companies other than Telstra and use numbers starting with 19.

Even though the charges are debited from your Pre-Paid account, we have no control over the cost; your agreement is with the third party content provider, not with us.

That's why we recommend that, when you buy content by texting a 19 number, you keep a few things in mind:

Are you signing up to receive and pay for content on a regular basis?

If you are, you'll be charged every time you receive a text message. Remember, many 19 numbers are for subscription services rather than one-off purchases.

If it's a subscription service, you'll receive a text message on your phone, confirming the content purchase, costs, the content provider's name, how to unsubscribe and helpline services.

Make sure that you understand these terms and conditions before you reply to the message and activate the service.

Do you understand how much you'll be charged?

We don't set prices of content provided by third parties for Premium SMS. Usually they are charged at a higher rate than a standard SMS.

Do you know how you'll be asked to pay?

If you see money debited from your Pre-Paid account, it is because we pay the content provider on your behalf then recover the cost on your account.

Reasons you may not receive the service you signed up for

Remember, Premium SMS charges aren't included in the 'Free Text' programs on a Pre-Paid service, so if you don't have enough credit, you won't get the content you wanted.

How to unsubscribe

If you decide to unsubscribe from a Premium SMS service, you can do so, at any time by texting the word 'STOP' to the 19 number you no longer wish to receive content from.

If you continue to receive the service or don't get a confirmation text that you have successfully unsubscribed, there are a few more things you can do:

  • Try texting the 'STOP' message again
  • Follow the unsubscribe instructions of the company that is providing the content
  • Contact the service provider directly. The number will be in the SMS you sent the 'STOP' reply to. You can also visit 19SMS and enter the provider's 19 number into the 19 Service Finder tool.

Barring Premium SMS

You can bar all Premium SMS services on your mobile free of charge. However, once barring is activated, you can't receive, be charged for, or use 19 numbers.

Please allow up to one business day for barring to be activated.

Limiting Premium SMS

You can also request a change in the limit placed on your account capping the amount you spend on Premium SMS. The usual spend limit for Premium SMS is $500 for Pre-Paid customers, but you may also qualify to have other limits applied.

To request a change to your spend limit or make a complaint about Premium SMS charges, contact 125 8880 (press 5, then 1).


19SMS.com.au is a free online guide to how to use Premium SMS.

Text Messaging (SMS)

It's easy to send a text message. Simply key in your message using your mobile phone's keypad, press 'Send' and you're texting. You can now also stay in touch with SMS from your home computer via MyInbox.



The cost to send a text message to standard Australian numbers is up to 25 cents per recipient (up to 160 characters), depending on your mobile plan, and they are free to receive. The cost to send a 160 character text message from Australia to an international number is 50 cents per recipient.

Video Calling

Whether it's sharing a funny moment with a friend, sending a birthday message, getting advice on a gift before you buy or saying goodnight to the kids when you're away – making a video call is easy.


Before you make a video call, you should check:

  • you have 3G or Next G® coverage on your mobile handset
  • the person you are calling has a 3G or Next G handset and has good network coverage in their area

See coverage maps

Outside a Next G or 3G coverage area

If you make a video call to a person with a video calling capable Telstra mobile (Next G or 3G) while they are outside a Next G or 3G coverage area, the video call will be unsuccessful and you will have the option to make a voice call instead. If the person you are video calling is not answering, on another call or their mobile phone is switched off, the video call will divert to their Video MessageBank®, if they have one activated.

You must be in a Next G or 3G coverage area to view video messages on your Video MessageBank, but you can hear the voice component of your video messages outside these areas. Simply dial '101' and select either a voice or video call.

If you or the other person on the video call move out of a Next G or 3G coverage area, your video call will drop out. You will be able to call the other person back with a voice call. To check if you're in a coverage zone, simply locate the Next G or 3G signal display on your mobile handset.

There may be places within our Next G or 3G coverage areas where access to video calling and Video MessageBank is limited or unavailable – in high-rise buildings for example.

You can use your Next G handset to make international video calls to 3GSM customers of mobile carriers in selected countries where we have arrangements in place.

See Next G network settings for overseas

International video calls

Countries and carriers for International video calls (PDF, 106kB)


Phone, Member and Casual Plans

National video call connection fee (per call) National video call (per 30 sec block or part) International video call connection fee (per call) International video call (per 30 sec block or part)
27c 55c 44c 75c

Freedom® Connect Plans

Freedom Connect Plan National video call connection fee (per call) National video call (per 60 sec block or part) International video call connection fee (per call) International video call (per 30 sec block or part)
$49 Freedom Connect 35c 90c 44c $1.50
$59 Freedom Connect 35c 90c 44c $1.50
$79 Freedom Connect 35c 90c 44c $1.50
$99 Freedom Connect 35c 90c 44c $1.50
$129 Freedom Connect Unlimited Unlimited 44c $1.50


Mobile Foxtel from Telstra

Pick from a range of some of your favourite mobile FOXTEL shows and channels, then watch them on your compatible Next G phone when you're on the move. The monthly subscription to Mobile FOXTEL from Telstra starts at just $12, and it's unmetered, so you can watch without worrying about incurring data charges.


Caller Tones

Caller Tones replace the standard ring tone people hear when they call your phone with music, sound effects or comedy. Your callers, however, will still hear ringing in the background. Caller Tones are available to anyone with a Telstra mobile phone.

Things you need to know

Available only to Telstra customers. One free tone per customer from a selected range when you first subscribe to Caller Tones for $1.95 per month. First month free for first-time subscribers. You must maintain your Caller Tones subscription to keep enjoying your free tone. Additional tones $3.50 each.


Google Play

Google Play opens a new world of entertainment on your Android mobile.

And now you can purchase music, books, movies, apps and games on Google Play with your pre-paid recharge.



As a Telstra customer, 1234 gives you everything you need to know from street directions, information from Yellow pages® and CitySearch®, movie times and even sports results. You can also have information sent straight to your mobile phone by SMS.


1234 provides:

  • residential phone numbers and addresses
  • business phone numbers, fax, web and email addresses, opening hours and payment options where available
  • movie times and cinemas
  • weather conditions, marine reports, warnings, snow and ski information
  • sports scores, fixtures and ladders
  • street directions
  • closest business type to you and turn-by-turn directions to get there
  • answers to questions – ask the operator a question and they will search an extensive online encyclopaedia for the answer which can be given verbally or via SMS
  • gig and concert listings
  • restaurant, cafe and bar reviews and contact information
  • international dialling codes and time zone information.

You can also SMS a request to 1234 when you are unable to talk. The operator will then send the information back to you as a text which you can store or forward to a friend.


Charges apply for calls and SMS sent to 1234 and for successful or attempted connection to the number you've asked for. For full pricing details, please visit 1234.

Things you need to know

1234 is available to most Telstra mobile customers and full service Telstra residential and business customers. If you are billed by someone other than Telstra, contact your service provider to find out what charges apply.

CitySearch is a registered trade mark of CitySearch Australia Pty Ltd.

Official AFL App & Live Pass

Every live AFL game as its broadcast, full catalogue of match replays, current & previous season replays on demand, press conferences as well as live scores, stats & much more with the AFL App and Live Pass.

Get your free two-week trial at AFL.com.au/livepass

If you're an eligible Telstra mobile customer there are no data charges for watching live games.*
*Only available on compatible devices.
**Charges apply to access subscription content after free trial period.

Official NRL App & Digital Pass

Every live NRL game as its broadcast, full catalogue of match replays, current season replays on demand, press conferences as well as exclusive access to live ref chat and player information.

Get your free two-week trial at NRL.com/digitalpass


If you're a Telstra mobile customer there are no data charges for watching live games.

*Only available on compatible devices. Charges apply to access subscription content after free trial period.


Things you need to know

All trademarks and product names are the property of their respective owners.

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