International Roaming Browse Plus Packs

Save on international data usage fees on your Pre-Paid service with an International Roaming Browse Plus Pack.

You'll get an allowance of data in a selection of countries for 30 days from the date of activation. Note: activation occurs when you buy the data pack, not when you first use it.

Browse Plus Packs

  • $29
    Included data:
  • $85
    Included data:
  • $160
    Included data:

Not sure how much data you'll need? Use our handy calculator to estimate your data usage

How to buy

Buy a Browse Plus Pack before you leave Australia or while you’re overseas. We recommend using the following methods because additional charges don't apply:

  • Dial #100# on your mobile
  • Visit on your Pre-Paid mobile, tablet or Pre-Paid broadband device
  • Use the My Account icon in the Connection Manager for Pre-Paid mobile broadband

 The following methods of purchase will incur data usage charges if used while overseas:

Things you need to know

Your data allowance can only be used in selected countries. If you use up your data allowance, or if you don’t purchase an International Roaming Browse Plus Pack (or if you roam in a country which is not a selected country in which you can use your Browse Plus Pack) data overseas costs $3 per MB (charged per Kb or part thereof),will be deducted from any Pre-Paid credit you may have on your service.

The data allowance in Browse Plus Packs cannot be used for call, SMS, or MMS charges while overseas. Check our Itinerary Builder to find out how much those services cost in the countries you are visiting.

The data allowance in the Browse Plus Packs cannot be used in Australia. Any unused data will be forfeited at the end of the 30 day period.

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