International Casual Traveller Data Packs

Manage your data costs while overseas with an International Casual Traveller Data Pack.

For a one-off charge, you'll receive a data allowance for use to browse the internet, check emails and access your social networks on your Post-Paid mobile phone, tablet or mobile broadband device.

These data packs are valid for 30 days for use in selected countries from the date of activation. Note: activation occurs when your application is approved, not when you first use the data pack.

Data Packs

  • $29
    Data allowance:
  • $85
    Data allowance:
  • $160
    Data allowance:
  • $350
    Data allowance:

Not sure how much data you'll need? Use our handy calculator to estimate your data usage.

Buy a Data Pack

You can also use the Telstra 24x7® App to buy a data pack. This will incur data usage charges if used from overseas.

Things you need to know

Your data allowance cannot be used for call, SMS, MMS charges while overseas and cannot be used for data usage in Australia. Check our Itinerary Builder to confirm how much you will be charged for other mobile usage in the countries you are visiting.

If you use all of your data allowance, excess data cost $3.00 per additional MB (charged per kB or part thereof). Any unused data allowance will be forfeited at the end of the 30 day period.

Mobile phone features and capabilities can differ from network to network. Please check your phone's user guide. Although we’ve enabled services with services provider(s) in the countries you're visiting, we can't guarantee mobile services will be available at all times.

International roaming information and pricing is subject to change due to the nature of international roaming. Information is likely to change due to exchange rate fluctuations. International Roaming calls made and received are GST free.

International Roaming Data Plans are no longer available for customers who have a 13 digit account number. If you have a 13 digit account number and already have a Data Plan on your mobile service, you can continue on your plan until you choose to cancel it. Customers on these plans pay an additional recurring monthly fee to receive a monthly allowance to use towards data usage in selected countries.


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