BigPond Elite® Plans

Available on ADSL or Cable.

BigPond Broadband Benefit

You must also have a Telstra full service fixed phone on a Single Bill with your broadband service on a 24 month plan. Existing customers may need to recontract to access this pricing.

Minimum cost for 5GB plan is $1,653.60; for 50GB plan is $2,133.60; for 200GB plan is $2,613.60; and for 500GB plan is $3,093.60 based on a broadband plan with HomeLine® Plus (an extra $33.95/mth for 24 months) and $72 for modem +$48 activation fee for new BigPond Broadband customers. A $9.95 delivery fee applies.

Modems and installation

Once you've chosen the plan that suits you, you'll need to select a modem and installation option. Choose from a range of ADSL and Cable modems, or bring your own.

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Want Superfast Cable Broadband?

BigPond Ultimate® Cable is amongst the fastest broadband services available in Australia today.

BigPond Ultimate® Cable

Things you need to know