BigPond Mobile Services

This part of the Telstra Mobile Section of Our Customer Terms contains the topics listed below. You can view this document in either PDF format (PDF, 46KB) or Word format (DOC, 242KB).

  • Telstra Business Portal – Additional Terms
  • BigPond Live Events
  • BigPond Photos
  • BigPond Blog
  • BigPond Games
  • Sport Action Packs (including AFL, NRL and Horse Racing)
  • BigPond Caller Tones service
  • BigPond Music on your Mobile
  • BigPond TV on your Mobile
  • China Bar Video Service
  • Telstra Active Menu
  • Celebrity & Fashion
  • PocketNews
  • Whereis and Local Weather ("Location Based Services")
  • Whereis everyone
  • UandMe
  • SMS Games
  • MobileFun
  • BlueSkyFrog (BSF) for Telstra Service
  • BlueSkyFrog (BSF) for Telstra Telstra Active/WAP Applications
  • Our "Who Wants To Be A Millionaire?" WAP Game
  • BigPond Apps
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