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Other Services

Other Services

This page contains a list of sections in Our Customer Terms that apply to Other Services.
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Business Resumption Service

Activation and Deactivation of your Business Resumption Plan, Fees and Charges, Suspension and Termination, Service Levels and related topics.

Calling Cards

Recent Changes, pre-paid calling card customers, PhoneAway, International Callcard, Telecard and related topics.


Recent Changes, Conferencing Services, Operator Hosted Phone Conferencing, Telstra Video Collaboration Service and related topics.


Hours of Business, Charge Structure, Table of Rates and related topics.

Hosted Video Conferencing

Recent Changes, Installation and commissioning, Security and Service Assurance and related topics.

InContact Telephone Service

Recent Changes, Availability, eligibility and related topics.

Iterra Satellite Service

Recent Changes, Telepoint Link, availability and related topics.

Managed Business Centre

Recent Changes, Service Levels, Information and Content, Publicity and Confidentiality, use of services and related topics.

Managed ICT Services

Managed Applications, Managed Security, Managed Computing, Managed Information, Managed Facilities and related topics.

Managed Video Conferencing

Recent Changes, Installation, commissioning and initial testing, Support and maintenance, Warranty management, software and related topics.

Managed Voice Service

Recent Changes, Features, Equipment Maintenance and Software Assurance, Service Targets and related topics.

Partner Delivered Network Services

Professional services and deliverables, fees and charges and related topics.

Private Payphones

Recent Changes, PayphoneLine Complete, Call charges and related topics.

Professional Services

Recent Changes, Services and Deliverables, Fees and Charges and related topics.

Public Payphones

Recent Changes, Call charges, Telstra Phonecards, Faulty payphones and related topics.

Public Switched Text Services

Description of Services, Term of Tariff, SDTR Service Charges and related topics.

Service Assurance & Provisioning Commitment

Recent Changes, Access Audio and Access Video Services Assurance, Flexpac Service Guarantees and related topics.

Siteline Service

Recent Changes, Customer Obligations, Charges, Product Provisioning and related topics.

Skyconnect Service

Recent Changes, Skyconnect VSAT Service, Skyconnect PC Service, Charges and related topics.

Standard Restoration and SLA Premium

Recent Changes, Restoration service level table and related topics.

Visionnet Video Service Section

Telstra Visionnet Video service, Training, Notification of Software updates, Installation and Commissioning and related topics.

Telstra 1 Touch Video service.

Recent Changes, Installation and Commissioning, Fees and charges, Security and related topics.

Telstra High Definition Telehealth service

Recent Changes, Installation, commissioning and initial testing, Support and maintenance, Warranty management and related topics.

Telstra Integrated Service Desk

Recent Changes, Features, Web Portal, Service Targets and related topics.

Telstra Options BusNet Services

General conditions, eligibility and related topics.


Recent Changes, Email Applications, Collaboration Applications, Security Applications and related topics.

Voice Grade Dedicated Lines

Recent Changes, Voicelink C and T, Private Lines, Miscellaneous Services and related topics.

Wideband Provisioning Times

 Eligible Services, Target standard provisioning times, Wideband metro areas and related topics.


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