Don’t lose business or customers
because of drop outs or slow internet speed

Be sure of superior performance

If the internet is vital for your business, drop outs or slow data can have serious impacts when it stops your people working or turns customers away.

You need a dedicated, stable and secure internet service with superior performance.

Telstra Internet Direct is one of Australia's most powerful and reliable internet solutions. We combine a superior and secure network with exceptional support to help ensure high-speed, always-on operations.

We have more access points than other Australian providers, which will connect you to more places. Plus, our high-capacity network has full redundancy and inbuilt security.

You can choose from a wide range of carriage types, speeds, usage and pricing, as well as the option of IPv6 addressing and additional services to match your needs.

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Help your organisation to get

Consistent support
Live up to customer expectation with around-the-clock network monitoring and management and 24/7 support to help you stay open for business.


Access from more places
We offer exceptional internet coverage in Australia and more than 900 global Partner Points of Presence. Your staff and customers can quickly connect to your business whether they're across the street or across the world.


Control over your internet service
Easily view your internet usage via our online portal. You can also assess your network path and routing information to self-diagnose network issues, report faults, manage peak traffic or analyse your current and future capacity requirements.


The flexibility to integrate extra services
Choose from a wide range of additional services, including security, cloud and network solutions. They'll be fully integrated with your service for seamless performance.

Potential business impact

  • Improved productivity
  • Better user experience
  • Ensured business continuity
  • Reduced risk


Ideal for companies with

  • Critical business applications
  • Strong online presence
  • A need for more secure internet access
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