We can help your ICT services perform at their peak.

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Enhance your network with integrated, commercial solutions

We ensure you have the best and most viable network for your business, government network or enterprise. No matter the size, we offer a range of high-performance, cost-effective and dedicated solutions.

You’ll find a suite of best practice applications and services to help you design, deliver and manage a world-leading network and maximise its value.

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How we can help transform your organisation



Our solutions improve how your IT services interact with each other, your existing systems and you.


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Managed Network Services

With our consulting expertise, we’ll recommend and deliver managed network solutions that’ll help deliver an optimal end user experience and improve productivity.


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Integrated Services

Integrated Services will help improve the service experience while also streamline how your IT department works.


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Network Consulting

Our skilled professionals can help you plan solutions and integrate technologies to meet your transformation goals.


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Application Assured Networking

Use network-centric assurance to optimise your network and ensure applications perform at peak.


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This enables employees to interact with each other as though they were in the same building.


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Point to Point

Ideal if you require cost-effective, dedicated high-bandwidth optical services to run critical applications.


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Internet Services

This solution provides a dedicated, high-performance connection through the public internet.


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IPv6 will soon replace IPv4. We’re thoroughly prepared for this, with a dual-stack approach.


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Managed Network Services


Network Performance Management

Maximise the value of your network investment so you can operate at your peak and innovate quickly.


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Improve the way your staff work and collaborate with the public and each other.


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Network Equipment & Maintenance

Convenient and cost-effective equipment set up and maintenance.


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Application Performance Management

Get end-to-end visibility of your applications for better management and performance.


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Integrated Services


Service Desk

Have your service requests and incidents addressed quickly and consistently through a single touchpoint to streamline support.


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Service Management

Set up a consistent service experience by extending your Service Desk to provide unified management across multiple Telstra and third-party products.


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Operations Management

Gain comprehensive service and operations management support, customised for your organisation. This suits a large enterprise with a complex or hybrid network environment.


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Other Solutions


Network Consulting

Streamline your technology for better performance and user experience, while helping to drive down costs.


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Featured Case Study



Mindpearl, an award winning global customer service solution provider, were looking to expand their business with the help of Telstra as a partner.

Case Studies


Telstra super

Thanks to a new Telstra Alcatel PCX solution. How call wait times were cut - saving around $40,000 per annum.

Tatts Group

Tatts Group and Telstra worked together to deploy an entire replacement IT infrastructure without any disruption.


Sundale uses Telstra’s Next IP® and Next G® network to reliably and securely access and store critical.

Australian Paralympic Committee

Telstra’s Riverbed solution relieved existing bandwidth pressure, while increasing the speed and boosting performance.

Channel 9 – London Olympics 2012 Broadcast

Telstra was chosen for the Olympics broadcast because of its extensive experience in past.

Signet’s switch to the Telstra Next IP network

Signet spoke to their Telstra Business Account Executive, who met their leadership team to work collaboratively.

Drake Food Markets

Telstra worked with Drake Food Markets to deploy a Telstra Next Generation Services&solution to help them streamline.

G&S Engineering Services

G&S Engineering Services uses the fast and reliable national coverage from the Telstra Next G® network.


Benefits GrainCorp gained from the Telstra Next G® network have transformed its Storage and Logistics division.

Tristar Medical Group

Tristar Medical Group's rapid growth exposed major limitations in its existing ICT infrastructure.

Four reasons to consider us for Network Solutions:


Deep insight that makes it all work
We understand that IT is playing a fundamentally different role. No longer just a support service, IT is now pivotal to daily work activities as well as business strategy. We offer insight into where and how that can be applied to your business.



Service delivery that's grounded in practical experience
We offer vast experience gained from hundreds of organisations, including our own, across many industries. We apply this knowledge to ensure the best possible service experience, one that will adapt as your needs change, and continue to reach higher standards.



Benefit from best practice methodologies
Our Service Management Framework is based on vendor, international and ITIL best practice. Not just a theoretical framework, our methodologies have been fine-tuned over time. That means we know what works, we know how to deliver, and we know how to meet your specific requirements.



Rely on our accredited and skilled experts
Take advantage of our consultants to identify ways to improve your operations, and expert technical and project specialists to help you manage your environment more effectively.


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