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Billing and Payments

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Make life easy for yourself by receiving and viewing your bills online. And thanks to our wide range of payment options, you no longer have to leave the office and waste time paying your bills.

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Pay your bill online

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If you have a question, or would like to find out what others are talking about, choose one of the online options below.


If you’re having trouble navigating the Online Bill application, view the appropriate tutorial below.

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Bill delivery options

With Telstra Business you have a choice of bill options available, depending on how you like to receive your bills, and what level of detail you require. You can go paperless and access your bills online, or choose to receive your printed bill in the mail.

Log in and change your billing delivery options

Paperless billing

Online Billing provides convenient and secure access to your account from your computer as well as on your Next G® or compatible mobile.

With Online Bill you can:

  • Download a detailed or summary PDF of your bill
  • View your company’s accounts on one screen, or view a complete list of all services on your account and see relevant charges for each service.
  • Access your itemised service and usage data to drill down into the fine detail
  • Access 13 months of bill history online to avoid wading through paper bills
  • Receive notifications when your bill is ready for viewing or payment is due
  • Make payments via direct debit – BPAY® or credit card, as well as registering and paying by EFT.

View your latest bill online

Paper Billing

You can choose to receive a detailed or summary Paper Bill. The detailed version offers full itemisation of your service and usage or you can choose to receive the summary bill which provides the high level details of your bill.

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Payment options

Log in to pay via Online Bill

If you log in to Online Bill, there are a number of bill payment options:


Pay online

If you know your bill details, make a one-time credit card* payment via our quick payment form, without having to log in to Online Bill.

BPay® Online via your Internet banking site using BPay® code 7773


Pay in person

At a Telstra store
Find your nearest Telstra Business partner

At a post office
Pay in person at any Post Office by cash, cheque or from your cheque or savings account using your debit card
Find your nearest Post Office


Pay over the phone

- Call 1300 369 666 to make a one-off credit card* payment
- Call 13 2000 to pay by Direct Debit
- Call your telephone banking service using BPay code 7773


Pay via post

Send a cheque along with remittance advice to:

PO Box 9901
Melbourne VIC 3001

Things you need to know

* Credit card payment processing fee details:
American Express, Mastercard and Visa is 1% of the payment amount plus applicable GST Diners Club is 2% of the payment amount plus applicable GST The fees will be added to your next bill.
® Registered to BPAY Pty Ltd ABN 69 079 137 518

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Manage your billing services

There some updates you can make to your Telstra services, without having to register or log in.


If you are receiving multiple Telstra bills you may be able to consolidate your bills into one single bill.

Receive a single bill 

Address Change

If your billing address has changed, or is about to change, you can submit an update online.

Update billing address

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Phone us

Business customer service and billing: 13 2000

If you have a Business Account Executive you can contact them directly or alternatively please call:
Billing enquiries and service activations: 13 2253