Amway IBOs and Telstra enjoy a great relationship, which has delivered access to the latest, world-class communication products with tailored offers and outstanding service.

The Telstra Amway Accelerate mobile plans are designed especially for IBOs to help deliver the ultimate business tool – a range of great value mobile plans on the largest and most reliable mobile network in Australia. The Telstra Mobile Network – the network without equal.



Want a new mobile?

You have the option of receiving a new mobile from a select range as part of an eligible 24-month plan.

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Already have a mobile you love?

With our Accelerate BYO plans you have the option of bringing your own compatible mobile with you.

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Once you’ve settled on a new handset, or to use your own, you need to choose a plan.

Accelerate handset plans

Generous inclusions means you can ensure you are always available, covering your business and personal needs.

Included in these plans are your handset (some additional payments may be required) & allowances for standard voice calls and messaging to Australian numbers.

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Accelerate BYO plans

If you are happy with the handset you have, or plan to buy your own, choose one of these BYO plans.

You get the same great inclusions and benefits and you save every month on your access fees.


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Amway data offers

You can choose from a choice of tablets and data plan options.

Amway IBOs can select from a range tablets with your choice of data plan or choose a Bring-Your-Own (BYO) offering.

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Amway bundles

You can choose a new handset and a new tablet on an offer that provides the ultimate in connectivity - shared data all for one great price.

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Is your contract about to run out?

Amway IBOs can recontract within 31 days from the end of their current contract.

You will need to recontract for another 24 months to receive these benefits.

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Get extra value with our amazing range of bundles

Whether you need a full entertainment solution or a lightning-fast broadband connection with
home phone and mobile, we've got a bundle to suit your needs. Amway PV / BV does not
apply to these bundles.

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Home phone

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Stay in touch with great value home phone offerings. Amway PV / BV does not apply to these products – please refer to the commissions table for any applicable cash rebate.

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Home broadband

BigPond Icon

See our range of BigPond® home broadband plans. Amway PV / BV does not apply to these products – please refer to the commissions table for any applicable cash rebate.


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Online tools

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Monitor your mobile usage, download your bills, and pay them online.

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Review the Telstra / Amway commissions breakdown to see how much you'll earn.


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Need help?

If you have some questions or need help, call 1800 426 699.

We're available Monday to Friday 9am – 8pm and Saturday 9am – 5pm AEST and AEDST (excl. National public holidays).


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Things you need to know

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