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Mobile phone hoaxes

Telstra is always on the look out for the latest mobile scams and hoaxes affecting our customers. Here's our advice on what to watch out for and what to ignore.

Missed Call Scheme

Many Telstra customers have reported falling victim to a 'missed call' scheme running in Australia.

The missed call scheme operates by the companies involved deliberately generating an excessive number of short duration outbound calls to mobile telephone numbers and terminating those calls prior to connection.

Customers do not have time to pick up the call on their mobile phone, and many then feel compelled to call the 'missed call' number provided. This is, of course, the purpose of the 'missed call' scheme.

Customers who do call back the 'missed call' number will hear a pre-recorded message that directs them to call a premium 1900 number (charged at $2.97 per minute) to collect free content and for their chance to win a prize.

Telstra has referred the matter to the Australian Competition and Consumer Commission for further investigation.

IF you have caller ID, Telstra's advice is to ignore any missed call unless it's from a number the customer recognises.

Dialling 90# allows another person to access your mobile service via your SIM card

Not true. Dialling 90# will not interfere in any way with mobile accounts or services on any network in Australia.

Answering a call displaying the ID '!?UNAVAILABLE !?' will damage your mobile phone

Not true. This hoax is generally spread by email and claims that answering a mobile phone when this ID message is displayed will render the handset useless. Variations on this hoax can include the caller ID showing up as 'ACE-1', 'withheld' and 'private number'. This virus does not exist and a display that reads 'unavailable' simply means that the caller has blocked their phone number.

If you send this message to eight people, you will receive one month's free SMS

Not true. This message is a hoax and should be ignored. It has not been sent by Telstra - we put 'service message' at the start of messages. Unfortunately, Telstra has no way of knowing who sent the SMS, or their motivation for sending it.

If you send this text on to 10 other Telstra Pre-Paid Plus users you will receive $200 credit that will expire in a month

Not true. This is a hoax and should be ignored. Telstra puts 'service message' at the start of messages so you will know which messages are from us.

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