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We have a range of Telstra community initiatives to make using your mobile phone safer and easier.

Drive Safe: Road rules for mobile phone users

Telstra's ongoing community awareness program encourages you to use your mobile as safely as possible. It highlights the fact that using a hand held mobile while driving is illegal and highly dangerous to both drivers and pedestrians.

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In Case of Emergency (ICE)

Make it quicker and easier for emergency services workers to get in contact with someone you want who can help with vital information.

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 Mobile hoaxes

Rumours about computer viruses or security flaws affecting mobiles are always doing the rounds, often by email. Keep up-to-date with some of the more prevalent hoaxes or myths about mobile phone usage.

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Missing your mobile? What to do when your phone is lost or stolen

As a Telstra customer, you will benefit from new technology preventing a lost or stolen handset from being used on Telstra's GSM and Next G™ networks. Find out more about how lost and stolen mobile phones are blocked.

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Fighting SPAM

Sending and receiving SMS text messages on your mobile is very convenient; but receiving unsolicited text messages can be very irritating. Find out what you can do to avoid receiving unsolicited messages on your mobile.

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Excuse me! A guide to mobile phone etiquette

As the use of mobile phones grows, so does our ability to communicate more freely. Conversations that were previously private are now often held within earshot of others. Emerging mobile phone etiquette gives you useful tips on how to use your mobile in the most appropriate way, for you and those around you.

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Do you love owning the latest mobile technology but you're not sure what to do with all the old equipment that is gathering dust?

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